Toulouse, Evry, Lille

Tomorrow's stores 
are still there thanks to RFID

In Toulouse store Le Portet, shelf stocktakings are made contactless. For 10 years, Decathlon uses contactless technology.

With an RFID device in their hand, Decathlon teammates sweep shelves with a single gesture to proceed to their stocktaking. Collaborators of Toulouse Le Portet, and Evry (Paris suburb) or Villeneuve d’Ascq (in Lille area) are champions of RFID stocktaking. With their modern device, small and light, they scan around 5 300 articles every hour!

Today with RFID, Decathlon prepares tomorrow! Studies around the world test robots that run through our stores with RFID technology and total autonomy to do stocktakings: our collaborator only controls major gapsThese robots free our collaborators from a tedious chore. Then they can be more available to advise our customers.

July 2020