Brive, France

Thierry Breuil, trail-running athlete: 
“Keeping it simple” 

Thierry Breuil, trail-running world champion in a team (France) in 2011 and winner of the Trail des Templiers in 2009, part of Narbonne Decathlon store (south-west of France) where he works for Evadict

“Thierry, how Trail-running vision has changed with the Covid-19 crisis?

We are going to keep it more simple. We, Trail runners, at all levels, get back to Nature, the one we admire during the lockdown with the animals taking back their space, jellyfish moving back to the surface, and birds singing loudly in trees. During the outbreak, we have become more aware of the importance of our planet.

In those circumstances, in which way the brand you represent is developing?

Before the outbreak, Evadict (*) had the image of protecting Nature, with a short and useful offer, not large but accurate. This has been strengthened today, and we develop our actions. But starting 2020, we have launched a 60% eco-friendly made product. For example, we spend months designing it, trying to find a solution to never use a plastic tie to label the product. We use one of the straps of the Trail jacket-bag 5 liters to tie the label made of recycled cardboard label and printed with a less toxic ink. 60 % of recycled components, it’s not enough but it is a nice step forward!

Can you describe in “tomorrow’s world” the Trail run you already organise?

An “off” trail run, with a small group of running friends for 5 to 6 hours in the mountain. Like people with their mountain bike or people cycling on roads or country paths for the same length of time. My trail-running friends and me, as well as groups of passionate sportsmen and sportswomen, are going to organise trail-runs, no competition involved. Trail-runs and competitions are important they set guidelines and offer some motivation but we don’t need any more heavy organizations business orientated, and traffic jams on country paths with security problems for runners and ecological problems for the environment. In short, my trail-runs in Aubrac or in Lille have a light organization and are more instinctive, on my own, or with friends. More natural, finally, without letting down nice trail-uns in beautiful places of France”.

(*). Thierry is in charge of Media at EVADICT and trail-running shoes product manager

July 2020


Evadict is a brand for both Trail and Ultra Trail Runners, offering a comprehensive, universal usage range aimed at both experts and novices. So, what’s Evadict’s philosophy? To design the best possible products with optimum sustainability, using materials and processes with the lowest possible impact, so as to preserve our playing field: the planet.