Amsterdam, The Nederlands

The stadium and store 
that provide full energy 

Johan Cruijff ArenA receives and returns solar and electric power, while Decathlon aims for delivering all of its products with electric vehicles

Ecology has found its field. Since June 2018, Amsterdam stadium has the biggest and smartest European energetic storage system. A technological success for the future. 4 200 solar panels are installed on the roof of Johan Cruijff ArenA. They can store solar energy in order to return it later. Inside the stadium, the system has 148 lithium batteries of Nissan LEAF, the most popular electric car in Europe in 2018. 85 are new batteries, 63  used batteries. For a storage capacity of 3 megawatts and a production capacity of 2,8 hour-megawatts. The stadium has huge electrical storage. More than it needs and sells the batteries available energy. The electric network gets the advantage of this innovation. Thousands of homes can use this energy. The project has many advantages. It creates a circular economy as it recycles the batteries of electric cars. This allows full autonomy when consumption is at a high level during sports games, concerts, and provides compulsory electricity in European stadiums (in the UEFA rules). Another advantage: it limits the use of diesel generators non-compatible with this ecological project.

The audience is an actor in this programIn the car park of the stadium, there are about fifteen terminals to recharge cars with stored energy. People can also give the energy they have to get money out of it. They can get their car after the game with a full battery. The post-COVID games have become greener.


With this sustainable project, The Decathlon store in the heart of ArenA, as the other ones in Amsterdam, bans plastic water bottles. It comes from a figure. Each year 35 000 bottles are taken of the city canal. 35 000 is the exact number of bottles sold by Decathlon Amsterdam each year! « We are not the solution but we can stop being part of the problem. » says Rob Davies, leader of Decathlon Amsterdam, who is willing to go further with the electric storage project. In the end, 100 % of Decathlon deliveries will have to be made with electric vehicles « not to pollute the city anymore» adds Rob.



A concrete eco-responsible reality before the end of the year. We are already tomorrow…

July 2020