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During the Tour de France and to help support local business during the Covid-19, Decathlon USA has launched a “Tour de Local” with passionate people, including Tess

Tess Winebaum, Community Manager and marketing manager at Decathlon USA, has arrived in San Francisco during the lockdown, in the spring. Professional soccer player and skiing athlete, she had the idea to discover other sports, and was very keen on this new life project.« This time stopped me from cycling, the means of transport I dreamed of discovering the city and its region ». Tess tried the “Tour de Local”, a Decathlon initiative to help local businesses. The idea: during the Tour de France (august 27th – July 19th) the inhabitants of the “Bay Area” are stimulated to cycle to support local businesses: cafés, bakeries, restaurants, take away places, etc. You could then post pictures on social media, to show the places you liked the most. Cycling, sharing, entertaining.

«This ‘’Tour de Local’’ is the occasion to discover San Francisco and its region ». The initiative is on July 19th, the last day of the Tour de France in Paris. The sanitary measures have stopped the local business activities in San Francisco and in California, Tess adapts with the situation. « As soon as the circumstances change, I will cycle again and explore the city. ».

Like every year, in San Francisco and in the Bay Area where Decathlon USA headquaters are, the brand partners with the Bike to Work Day, a day dedicated to going to work cycling. Formerly planned in May, the event will take place on September 24th because of the outbreak. The initiative invites people to go to work cycling. In the former years, Decathlon partnered with cyclist communities. The brand helped to take home personal belongings or to create food supplies stops on big streets. On September 24th, there will be thousands of people to accept the challenge.

July 2020

Van Rysel

Van Rysel: the Decathlon road bikes Performance brand. Born in January 2019, its name means: » Originally from Lille». It is indeed at the Btwin Village, in Lille, that we create our products and put together our bikes.

Every day, we are willing to offer products with a high technical nature, attractive, and with a good price-quality ratio.