Osaka, Japan

Tatsuya Fukuzawa 
plants smashes and 
trees for Paris 

Paris Volley commits and protects the environment. For example, planting trees, each time one of its players goes on a plane… As 9 628 km separates the club from Tatsuya, Paris Volley becomes one of the biggest contributors…

“I have to fly a lot between my country Japan and France where my club stands. To compensate for those trips, Paris Volley – willing to lower its carbon footprint – is committed to planting trees” explains parisian Tatsuya Fukusawa. 

Then the players association: Eco-Tree association and the Parisian club team-up. Players have restricted access to flights and the club plants trees. Fukuzawa, is a good example, one round trip Paris-Tokyo uses 4, 2 CO2 tons – the flight is compensated by hundreds of planted trees with the Eco Tree association.

“I find this is a great initiative says the Japanese player, who became a real Parisian in 2019 spring. I am happy and proud to be part of one of the greatest volley clubs in France. I share their moral values!”

Paris Volley is growing protecting the environment with its Eco-Responsible policy, for example, reducing its environmental impact created by plane travels.

Only one plane round trip is authorized in a whole season, the one from Paris to  Ajaccio. All the other trips are made by train.

July 2020


ALLSIX is Decathlon’s specialist volleyball brand. 

Its aim: to make volleyball universally accessible and appealing by delivering a 360° range that combines comfort and hi-tech prowess. To do this, we have a passionate design team co-creating products in tandem with professional volleyball players.

Why ALLSIX? ALL for teamwork, a vital component in volleyball, and SIX for the number of players in the team.

Talking of teams, who’s behind ALLSIX’s range? A team of enthusiastic volleyball players with diverse yet complementary skills and comprising various nationalities: Italian, Brazilian, French, Bulgarian, etc. Our nationalities are as diverse as our products!