Mumbai, India

Sustainable sports 
settle in local life 

Ecologically responsible sports are tailored and made with local players, Decathlon India has already carried out his vision of sports…

In Nashik, close to Mumbai, Decathlon India works with Polygenta, a local company. A precious partner who recycles plastic bottles into textiles. Since 2015, the 424 employees of Polygenta contributed to ecologically responsible running tee-shirts production for example.

Different yoga mats are labeled “eco-designed” even if the brand has only been created in 2017.

Decathlon India is involved in “made in local”, for 40 % of his today’s production and aims for more than 60 % in 2022, and 80 % in 2025. In a country where Decathlon has 5 000 collaborators and 76 stores, 40 % of the products purchased by customers are locally manufactured. With Indian partners. More than 50 stores, warehouses, and factories are involved in the process of sustainable development. Indian sportswomen and sportsmen, local actors, brands… everyone wins within this process.

This process of “made in local” is growing. Steve Dykes, Decathlon India’s leader states: “We aim for 80 % of our products locally made within 5 years but I think within 3 years we can achieve 60 %”. Let’s meet again then! Producing more locally is just a step towards a more responsible integration. Steve Dykes adds: “We are working on a process to re-use textiles. We would like to recycle them and raise them to make new clothes.” Let’s support and follow this initiative.

July 2020


Employees of this brand are not just yoga fanatics, they also see it as a lifestyle. They are determined to spread the benefits of this activity throughout the world (both on and off the mat). Their goal is to help yoga practitioners of all ages enjoy their pursuit safely, using environmentally friendly products.