Charleroi, Belgium

Scooters are ready 
to get a move on to soft mobility 

When products of soft mobility are free, is it enough to change mentalities and make things change? Not really, so let’s carry on with our efforts!

Charleroi Decathlon has offered a Christmas gift 2019 to its customers and coworkers. A week after the opening of the store, December 18th, 8 self-service scooters have been placed at the store entry. More than for its image, it is made to promote eco-mobility. Décathlon is one kilometer away from a mall. This service allows people not to take their car to go to the mall. You don’t need to be a Decathlon customer. You just need to go to the front desk, sign for bail, and the hostess will give you access to a scooter for a few minutes or hours. The person who takes the scooter has to give it back at the end of the afternoon. It is simple and free… to our customers’ surprise! During winter and lockdown scooters haven’t been used a lot.

The 30 store employees can enjoy that service. Thanks to an app on their smartphone, they can move with autonomy. They book a scooter and that’s it. « It takes time to change mentalities. Some have understood the ecological interest of this service, but not many of them. Decathlon employees need time to understand this eco-responsible reflex » says Pierre Martin, the Store Leader.

For Décathlon, each scooter costs 35 euros. Their quality is very good, it is  “Easyfold” d’Oxelo. This model doesn’t use electricity. Employees regret that. « I didn’t want to offer electric scooters. Classical scooters are more sustainable more ecological.» says Pierre Martin who wait for the summer to use one of those scooters.

July 2020


Oxelo, the urban sports brand (rollerskating, scooter, skateboarding…).