Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France

Know-how and French elegance 
with LeBRAM brand 

“Manufactured in France” is the trademark of this textile specialist for cycling gear

LeBRAM is a french brand, based in the vallée de Chevreuse (west of Paris), created by experts, practicing sports and passionate about cycling. LeBRAM. Its goal? Cycling with style, elegance, and respecting traditions, with local partners, thanks to its production in Troyes, Limoges, and in Brittany.

“Our french range of products are manufactured in workshop certified „made in France”. We are proud of this know-how and its added value. The rest of our collections are manufactured in Europe in our workshop selected for their technical know-how and their expertise in textiles and sports materials” said Yohan Michel, marketing manager of Alltricks creator of LeBRAM.

Notre conception de l’effort tient en trois mots : énergie, agilité et élégance. Le cerf, animal noble et majestueux, présent en Chevreuse, possède ces caractéristiques. Le nom LeBRAM s’est donc imposé.”


Created in 2008, Alltricks is a French online retailer specialising in all things cycling, running and outdoor sports. It currently sells over 150,000 items produced by 500 top brands. Decathlon and Alltricks joined forces in 2019 to deliver the most on-target range possible.