Grenoble, France

Joseph, passionate 
for mountain bike 
and Zwift as a coach 

Pilote at Rockrider, Joseph discovered cycling during the lockdown. It is a fully-fledged sport, a useful union between domestic and wild places. But nothing will replace wide-open spaces.

Mountain biker, marathon runner, and wide-open spaces fan, Joseph De Poortere has felt a deep feeling for liberty, during the lockdown. Pilote and ambassador of Rockrider team, he promotes it during competitions. Thanks to his experience and expertise in engine and composite materials engineering, he takes part in the product development (bikes, textiles, pieces of equipment, etc.) and collaborates with the engineers of the brand.

Unhappy not to be able to drive during the lockdown, Joseph has discovered the Zwift platform. Naturally curious, he creates a dedicated space to e-cycling with a home trainer, a power sensor, and a Van Rysel Ultra CF (Carbon Frame) road bike. With the Zwift app you can cycle with a group directly connected to each other, Joseph organizes more than 2 hours trips with his coach and friends. Unthinkable on a classical home-trainer. With his competitive mindset, Joseph tests e-cycling races where he meets thousands of people, like specialists and professionals. The effort is short and intense. By the way, the energy he puts on the home trainer is so powerful, Josephs finishes the races a few meters away from his starting point in his apartment! He is regularly in the top 50. Within two months during the lockdown, Joseph has traveled 3 000 km on the platform with average stats like 38 and 45km/h.

For Joseph, the e-cycling platforms represent sports itself made for e-sport specialists. At the end of the lockdown, he has been able to cycle singletracks in real nature thanks to its athletic indoor training. “Zwift helped me to stay in shape and get ready to go out. First of all, mountain biking is being outdoor in nature and wide-open spaces, I can’t imagine cycling without feeling freedom.”

July 2020


Today Rockrider is the brand for mountain biking. With a wide range of mountain bikes, pieces of equipment, and protective items, it is a well-known brand appreciated by specialists. The brand has a wide range of choices from beginners to experts. In the different types of mountain biking (XC, All mountain et VTTAE).