Krakow, Poland

Jakub, a heart-pounding 
partnership between 
Zwift and Decathlon 

How to team up to well-known cycling brands in those difficult times? In Poland, a co-worker Decathlon created free Zwift spaces. Customers are overwhelmed!

In Poland, Decathlon coworker Jakub Gierczak is an absolute cycling fan and a Zwift app fan in particular. Zwift? A gaming platform for sportswomen and sportsmen that offers the possibility to practice cycling or running. It is a sports company followed by many athletes in the world and cyclists in particular. You can easily practice your sport with a thousand other people on virtual cycling or running tracks. Training is very demanding, thanks to connected home trainers or treadmills simulating a trip out with realism. French cyclists, American fighters, Japanese sprinters, or …..polish racers: within a few years, a large community of sportswomen and sportsmen gathered thanks to Zwift. All levels, from a simple trip out to intensive training programs and professional races. Connected sport is on and this new type of e-cycling is growing everywhere. It is a smart connection between virtual and real sports that allows anyone to go from its tempting couch to the real “finish line”.

In France, Zwift has partnered with ASO, the Tour de France organizing team, Decathlon has been chosen by Zwift to develop the app in Poland. Interactive showrooms have been created in 60 polish Decathlon stores – the places to practice and experience sports with Zwift have been tripled those last months, with home trainers available for customers in front of giant screens and the Zwift app. The partnership between the two brands is so successful Decathlon has now free access to the Zwift license in Poland, just as Franowo in Poznan or Decathlon Plaza store in Krakow.

The result? It is a win-win partnership: clear good results for customers who can discover cycling and try out their endurance and also for the brand with many showrooms and great home trainers sales increasing every day. Next step: a collab with Wahoo, home trainers AW200 highlighting with the InRide 100 and 500 models, and a Zwift competition with the complete Decathlon gear. Shirts, cycling shorts…: The E-cycling technics become more affordable and accessible to many people now! And Jakub, with his cycling friends, will also wear, the full gear, for sure.

Learn more about the event:

The Zwift Event Ride and the Decathlon Ride will take place every Thursday from 8 to 9 PM. On average, 300 people are participating offering the polish sportswomen and sportsmen the opportunity to follow the race in their Decathlon store. The most popular home-trainer is the : InRide 100 + Flow ( Zwift connected ) + FLUX. And also: the Turbo Trainers, the Flux, Elite Direto X, Elite Qubo, and Vortex + Drive like Elite Roteo Turbo B+ a partnership with BKOOL.

July 2020


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