Puez-Odle, Italy

Hikes co-created,  
with friendship 

In the natural Italian park, hiking passionates can download routes with an app to discover everything of their itinerary

On May 14th, the app “Get in outside” has been launched by Decathlon. A challenge has been set up on a co-created platform for all passionate people who are willing to share their most beautiful hikes with the slightest details: precise localization and accurate description of panoramas, picnic, and restaurants areas, etc. For all hikers in the world! Anyone can download those hiking routes to hike off the connection and have a guide in any circumstances. 

The co-creation Decathlon platform has been created 2 years ago to link communities of sportsmen and sportswomen in order to create products, services, sports experiences. The idea? To define the needs and wills of sportsmen and sportswomen more accurately, concerning the products they dream of and the experiences they would like to live, with the willpower to protect our playground, our planet. 

We rediscover our earth, through 300 hiking routes in the French Alps as well as in the east Islandic fjords.

July 2020


Located in the Alps at the foot of Mont Blanc, Quechua strives to make hiking accessible to all, while looking after hikers and their leisure environment!