Dublin, Ireland

Green light for 
no plastic water bottle” 

In the Irish capital city, the brand new Decathlon store only sell water bottles ecologically made

No plastic bottle in any section of the store. 5 500 “plastic-free” square meters. On June 29th, 2020, Dubliners are going to discover their first Decathlon store in Baile Munna, north Dublin. A reusable bottle ecologically made will be for sale and a self-service « hydration station » with filtered water will be available. This brand new “experiential” store (on a third of the total surface) is located in a certified high environmental quality building. With more than 650 m2 with solar panels on the roof, a smart lighting system, a vegetal wall, an innovative car park with a new drainage system on the floor. To support local recycling initiatives and circular economy already set up, plastic bottles are also banned from the web site. Decathlon UK, as a responsible neighbour has also set up the same measure and its local initiatives, aiming to spread those great ideas in the whole world…

July 2020