Lille, France

Eric : a huge 

A year ago, the person in charge of the brand Triban decided to rethink the initial project, but it had been put on the side, by Decathlon. A beautiful project… but risky: the production of titanium gravel bikes, assembled in Lille.

“Emotionally attached to the 1930’s old fashioned romanticism” To create the future, Eric gets his inspiration from the past. The special time when cycling meant liberty, fun, entertainment. The time of the first paid holidays, sports innovations. Eric Goussen, Leader of Triban brand at Decathlon has reintroduced this philosophy with the crazy project: to create a bike entirely with titanium. The most lasting material, lighter than steel, which can stop any road vibrations. “We are willing to create an everlasting bike, unique, like a Swiss watch”. A piece of art. An object for a collection.

Fifty years ago, Decathlon has produced a …titanium bike. But decided to stop it right away. A handcrafted bike made “piece by piece”, sold around 2500 euros first price. It was not compatible with mass production. The project which stayed in box files for years didn’t scare away Eric: “Everybody told us this project was impossible to realize. I decided to rush making it possible !” It was in September 2019. Digital made my ambition a reality: With the Internet, you can reduce lead time and maximize production processes.

Eric, the bike jeweler, worked with historical craftsmen to create the titanium bike. People who were already in the business 25 years ago. The tubes from Dedacciai and the frames from Bonetti. Very famous companies in the bike world. Italian know-how. Assembled by hand in Lille.

This exceptional bike is gravel. “We have designed it for long trips of several days. It is not a bike for competition”. But, the price and the production are a challenge: how can we build a titanium bike, the most affordable in the world: 2 500 euros?  Selling it before producing it: This gravel bike will be pre-sold by the end of October 2020 on the web site for a delivery end of the year. “A delivery as a Christmas present.” laughs Eric. Each bike will get a number. 400 will be pre-sold: “No more, no less”. Quality over quantity… Eric loves to think differently about bikes. He is already thinking about another exceptional bike, handcrafted. But it will be a road bike. A complex project made by “ passionate people”. Everybody knows passion can make people cycle fast.

July 2020


Triban is a road bike without any notion of time, guided by comfort: enjoy the pleasure of speed, sharing moments between friends while discovering new places and beautiful landscapes.

Because you will meet liberty and adventure at the next curve.