Monza, Italie

Danilo, avid cyclist, 
loves trains 

Danilo is the City, Trekking and Kids Bikes Category Manager for Decathlon Italy. He’s launched a partnership with Trenitalia to encourage what’s known as sustainable mobility. He believes in sustainable mobility

Danilo Orefice is an avid cyclist – obvious with the job he does. He spends his breaktimes cycling up and down the hills near Decathlon HQ. And when he comes back on rainy days, you’ll often see him walking through the corridors with eyes like two headlights in a face splattered in dust and mud. His enthusiasm covers everything, even tiredness. When he took over the role of Category Manager at Decathlon Italy, he inherited a long list of meetings which had reached a stalemate situation. He patiently began to unravel them with a good deal of determination. But then, cyclists love a good hill climb.

In May 2020, the turning point had been reached in the agreement between Decathlon and Trenitalia, with approval for a further year. The objective defined by the partnership is to promote the use of trains and bikes as the leading light in everyday transport, making it good for sustainability and protecting the environment. Trains and bikes are two highly eco-friendly ways to travel, ensuring sustainable, soft and slow mobility that’s comfortable and completely safe. In a win-win type of partnership, this agreement has a double advantage for anyone wanting to travel on two wheels for work, study, recreation and tourism when using the train:

  • Decathlon offering: Trenitalia customers can buy a new B’twin folding bike (the range consists of five models) and take advantage of free accidental damage insurance and a reflective armband
  • Trenitalia offering: free transport for folding bikes belonging to customers with a Decathlon Card

This agreement confirms the commitment of both companies, Gruppo FS Italiane and Decathlon, when it comes to sustainability, by showcasing activities that boost the shift in travel modes and promote shared, public transport.

July 2020