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Cycling on the route of a competition like a pro, living a legendary ride in a mythical place ? Let’s discover competitions open to all: live and learn !

Our planet is a Ferris wheel. There is no limit. On all continents. With any kind of weather. On all roads. Professional pelotons live a full competition on the World Tour. Non professionals follow their imagination to invent rides on sunday mornings, or the ultra challenge that will draw on their energy.

There are different ways to be committed. In Europe, The Tour de France stages are a must, they are organised by Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), the company organising the Tour de France. A unique way to climb mythical passes in the Alps or the Pyrenees, to sweat on one of the stages for pros… a few days after them. Since 1993, this has become a must-do. The pandemic has stopped the Tour de France in 2020 and 2021 but 15 000 non-professionals still dream about it.

Pour les cyclosportifs, le monde entier est prétexte à belle échappée

The success of the Tour de France has motivated ASO to create the same competition internationally. A great success. In 2021, 14 trials, 2 300 kilometers, and more than 50 000 passionate cyclists on 5 continents. A cycling schedule on each hemisphere. The stage by the Tour de France is awaiting non-professional cyclists to visit a Decathlon store : in Mexico, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow or La Paz, but also in Thaïland, Indonesia, Australia, Malaisia, in the Czech Republic or China. Soon in Canada, Cyprus or San Antonio in Texas…

It is a tradition to take part in these races open to all. More examples ? The “Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race ”, where 3 000 passionate cyclists gather, beginning of February in the south of Australia. In South Africa, in March, 35 000 people gather and cycle the 105 km of the “Cape Town Cycle Tour” to discover the south-african peninsula. In California, in Norway, we find the same passion for cycling. In France in June, 20 000 cyclists and cycle tourists gather for a few days during the mythical “Ardéchoise”, on the roads of the Ardèche region, in Lozère and the Haute-Loire.

Do you have higher stakes ? There are more opportunities. Like the “Transcontinental Race ”, postponed this summer to 2022 in Brest; like the Tour de France in 2021 through Europe, to reach Thessaloniki in Greece… 4 000 km. Few stages like the velodrome in Roubaix or the pass of the “Petit Saint-Bernard ”. Everyone will cycle to win this challenge within 15 days. In the United States, the “Race Cross America ” offers even more sensations. 4833 km, from the east to the west part of the country in one go. 12 days maximum to cycle and deal with its own energy and sleep to reach its own goal. Go west, passionate cyclist!

The oldest cycling stage: Paris-Brest-Paris offers to go west. This race is organised at the end of the summer, every four years, for 90 years. An Heritage race, in great shape. A round trip of 1 200 km to inspire cyclists. There were 6 000 in 2019. Passionate people can register for the race in 2023.

June 2021


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