« Le cyclisme, c’est une fièvre, une maladie »

Bogota, Colombia

In Colombia,cycling is 
some kind of disease 
that brings a healthy life ! 

Colombia has a long history of cycling and is today the growing place of this sport. Germán – who loves “teaching and helping” – is “sick” because of cycling… it is the “sickness” of love !

Everyday, many sportswomen and sportsmen wake up early in the morning to cross the streets of Bogota. Trying to avoid traffic jams and all problems with traffic. Germán is one of them. When he was young, his mother didn’t want him to cycle, because it was dangerous. His family had lived through a very sad event and his mum didn’t like cycling because of it. Germán got an interest in cycling while he went to university.

Germán is now a cycling expert, and works more and more in the Webmarketing department of Decathlon Colombia. He is part of a team of semi-professional cyclists (more than 25 members). What does cycling mean for Colombian people? Colombian cycling has reached the highest level in the World competitions, and has a great future. Knowing Egan Bernal’s victory in the “Giro”. Every Saturday and Sunday, many cyclists climb the mountains. In Bogota, between 7 am and 2 pm, around 126 km of city streets are dedicated to cycling, no cars allowed.

When listening to Germán you understand the passion for cycling. A vivid verbatim : “For me, cycling is everything. It is my life. It is a fever, a sickness. Cycling allows me to live unique moments and gives me the opportunity to explore cities and the whole world. I know nearly all the cities in Colombia thanks to my passion for cycling. There are many championships where I can find new friends that invite me to cycle in their own city. You discover places and learn that way.”

« Le cyclisme, c’est une fièvre, une maladie »
« Le cyclisme, c’est une fièvre, une maladie »
« Le cyclisme, c’est une fièvre, une maladie »

Germàn wakes up at 3 or 3.30 am everyday, takes his breakfast, and cycles for 3 to 4 hours. Then, he goes to work. At 8 pm, he goes to sleep after cycling 80 kilometers. “During the week-end, I am more relaxed. It all depends on the schedule of competitions” he smiles.

For Germán, “Cycling is a mental sport that needs courage because it lasts for hours. Today for me, it is more important to end a race than win it.”

“Teamwork is vital, you spend most of your time with friends, teammates and people you know. For better and for worse. Everyone helps everyone. This is the beauty of this sport” says our very healthy “sick” cyclist.

“ I hope i will carry on discover places and participate to semi-professional races in Europe.I would also like to carry on helping young cyclists. I love teaching and helping. When my friends are angry because young ones join our peloton, i always remember i was one of them in the past. Now i reached this level, it is my duty to help and invite them in my team, this is the beauty of this sport : friendship and team spirit.”

« Le cyclisme, c’est une fièvre, une maladie »

June 2021


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