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You need very few people to practice this outdoor activity. It is a post-COVID activity that has a great future and has been practiced in South-Corea and Czech Republic

The B33 Tour in Hungaria is growing fast. With the help of Decathlon Hungaria who created this tournament 10 years ago and is still doing so, the B33 – for 5 to 6 years, 100 events all around the country – is a community of 10 000 members. From stores car parks to traditional playgrounds, this new kind of competition has become very popular in a country where basketball was less popular than soccer, for example. Not a long time ago no one knew Basketball 3×3. What does 3×3 mean?


Three players in each team, one substitute on each side, and two referees on half a basketball. Basketball 3×3 was registered in the Tokyo games. Not qualified for the Olympic games, this activity handled by the international federation (FIBA) since 2010 has a promising future. 3×3 is growing in the world, after success with nations less important in the basketball world (Mongolia, Indonesia, Netherlands…), le 3×3 prend de l’ampleur. Competitions, sponsored by FIBA or private organisers take place in city centers instead of big arenas far away from city centers and urban unrest.
It is a very good opportunity for Federations and players, professionals, or nonprofessionals. 3×3 is made for reasonable events. A long term goal. Games last 10 minutes, a traditional Basketball game lasts an hour and a half. Idéal for a tournament.

After lockdown, professional basketball leagues with 5 players, like in Cezch Republic, Porto-Rico, and Lithuania, thought about finishing 2020 season with 3×3 tournaments. Best way to respect sanitary measures. In South Corea, 3×3 basketball is the first collective sports championship to play again in May. Television has a vivid interest in these sports. Even behind closed doors. Some have imagined games on a surface surrounded by green screens to add spectators. Another way to play, have fun, and win.

3X3 in the world:

  • Starting again 3X3 in Corea (to discover also on Instagram)
  • Decathlon associations of 3×3 in Hungaria: since 5 to 6 years, 100 events through the country and a vibrant community: + 8k followers on Facebook)

July 2020


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