Nairobi, Kenya

Alfred, delivering, freelancer 
and powerful cycling 

Nearly all Decathlon orders, in the Kenyan capital city, are delivered cycling. Alfred is passionate about customer service and cycling…

In Kenya, roads are not very comfortable for cycling enthusiasts. But they are not discouraged by it, like Alfred, enthusiast about cycling and customer service. Born a few kilometers away from Nairobi, he has grown up in the capital city. In 2018, as Decathlon opened in Nairobi, Alfred made the most of it and decided to deliver customers with his Giant bike. He became a Freelance delivery man, and Decathlon represented 90 % of his business activity. With Nick, who joined in 2019, they ride every day around 70 kilometers, with the target of delivering orders the day they are placed.

In Kenya, 90% of the orders are delivered with bikes. 6 000 orders each year, with a sustainable means of transport, local and sporty. Alfred and Nick get the ready-to-go products (prepared by their coworkers) directly from the two Kenyan stores: Decathlon Nairobi  The Hub Karen and Two Rivers and just cycle for kilometers… The most sustainable? No paper or plastic bags within the orders. Kitenge bags (the Kenyan fabric) made in Nairobi, are used to transport the parcels. 

Elsewhere in the world…

In France too, “local to local” and a territorial spirit is growing thanks to cycling. First cities to make a test: Paris and Lyon, where Decathlon partnered with Cyclofix to help cyclists directly on the roads.  Flat tires? Worn out brakes? Broken Gear change? The solution is on two wheels… Teammates specialized in repairing go places to places in the city to help cyclists in need. Helpful, simple, clever. Tomorrow is already there.

July 2020