Longvic, France

Alexandre helps the 
young pros great dynamism 

In Burgundy, a coach feeds his team of young pros thanks to his knowledge of the human body and Aptonia products

Cycling passionate, former cycling pro and new coach of the team: AG2R La Mondiale Van Rysel U1, Alexandre studies closely parameters to help his team become more efficient. Recently he studies the energy expenditure of his young competitors who will become cycling professionals. For example: during a 5 days training session, the team U19 d’AG2R uses 440 cans, 400 energetic bars, and 150 gels while cycling for 400 kilometers! Among the favorite products of the cyclists: the ISO+ drinks with different flavors and different combinations according to the weather and the efforts. The nutrition needs are gels, bars, and fruit jellies. „Since we have Aptonia products, we have less digestive problems says, Alexandre. It is very important when we know the negative impact on performances.”

Concerning moisturizing, nutrition, and recovery, Alexandre chooses the Aptonia products for his teams for their quality and the great range of products. They help with cyclists’ requirements and help them to avoid digestive problems, dehydration or hypoglycemia. To help against cramps electrolytes tabs with vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals. In 2019, during the ValRomey tour, Alexis Chaussinand had cramps in the very first test. In the last ones, Alexandre prepared cans with Electrolytes tabs. The result? No cramp and Alexis became the first young cyclist to the finish line. The brand Aptonia is very popular within the „Nationale 1″ team (best category before the pro tour category) for its qualities and his good value for money. Another trick from Alexandre: “The Recovery chocolate Aptonia drink the cyclists love, it allows them to end up the day or training sessions with a nice taste in the mouth”. Aptonia is also the triathlon brand of Decathlon. It is a wide range of equipment to practice triathlon. The energy at all levels.

July 2020


Aptonia offers a wide range of pieces of equipment and accessories for triathlon to help athletes, beginners, and professionals. It also offers a wide range of nutritive products, hydration products, and products made for the body to recover. They give support for sportswomen and sportsmen’s endurance.

We made it possible for everyone who is willing to live his first triathlon. Swim, cycle, run, and have fun on small or long distances!