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Alain, connected biker, 
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Biking – or competitive bike indoor – is growing thanks to many thinner and ecological accessories. A biker and its teams full of ideas, opening the way for us…

Domyos Brand teammate, cycling passionate, Alain Lefevre was “tailored” to join the biking team of one of the most branded and known sports of Decathlon ( Born in Berck-sur-Mer, in Nord of France, he leads the Biking project, with Nicolas, designer and Miguel, product manager, to create the first biking range at Decathlon. Alain is willing to sell viable ecological and digital products…

What Biking means exactly? This new way of cycling offers the same positions as on traditional road bikes but indoor. An indoor bike, and a biker. More and more technical and collective, this new practice has become more popular during the lockdown and explodes in some places like North America. “The benefit of this bike is that you can work on your strength more easily,” says Alain. “On Biking, you can get to the blocking limit thanks to the brake you can fit your way. Outdoor, I am used to cycling on flat roads where we have no elevation excepted on Flanders mounts, and then very few opportunities to work my strength. With Biking this is possible!” Alain works with Decathlon teams to sell products that offer the same ergonomic design as road bikes. The saddle, the bottle-holder, and the biking counter are Decathlon products of the cycling brand.

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Following an environmental protection logic, Alain and its teams – around twenty different jobs with 70 brand collaborators contributing to the product development – have modified the original plastic handlebars. They replaced it with guideline, more sustainable handlebars, the ones we found on road bikes. Motivated by this eco-responsible approach, Alain will get rid of chromium in the flywheel in the near future, end of 2020. For this passionate biker, the two biking available at Decathlon (Biking 100 et Biking 500) are simply fantastic: “I cycled 1 000 kilometers on my biking 500 during the lockdown and it was so comfortable, precise, great !”. 

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Biking is also green and digital. The team already works on the creation of an upper-level range of Biking (Biking 900) more connected. “We are willing to create a bike with social network connections.” As Alain is passionate about its long connected sessions: “Especially the interval training sessions. I practice biking for an hour and a half and get high on my strength work while watching tv series or documentaries.” With speed indoor…

July 2020


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