Nuremberg, Germany

Adidas in the “loop” 
for eco-design 

Some of adidas sports apparel products sold at decathlon are 100% made with recycled polyester!

«We are sure sports can change lives and we are determined to be part of it, says James Carnes, vice-chairman in charge of the world strategy at Adidas, from the head office, near Nuremberg. Since 1998, we develop and show our inventions which are made to stop the production of plastic wastes. We are willing to eliminate virgin polyester in any of our products by 2024. This is a new step that will allow us to achieve the circular model we are willing to reach. »

An example of sustainable action: Primegreen technology used to create our cardio training collection for women, available at  Decathlon. Launched in 2020, Primegreen is a high performance fabric in which 100% of the polyester used is recycled.

A growing part of Adidas products available at Decathlon are eco-designed with a clear goal: stop plastic wastes. From now on, Adidas has made his goal a reality worldwide, with 50 % of all of its collections made with recycled polyester – aiming for 100 % in 2024 –, and also developing three circular strategies “Three Loop Strategy”:

– the recycled loop: as it is the case with those cardio training products

– the circular process (products made to be re-made and recycled)

– the regenerative process (products made to become biodegradable).

The green and responsible circle is on, and it is infinite.

July 2020