Villeneuve d’Ascq, France

A technical race tee-shirt 
= 5 plastic bottles 

In the north of France, near Lille, Kalenji uses recycled polyester for 8 years for some part of its textile products. Concerning sports shoes, Kalenji offers more and more sustainable products

Question 1: With which material is made the tee-shirt run dry + from Kalenji? Answer 1: recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Question 2: What is the percentage of recycled polyester in the main material of this tee-shirt? Answer 2: 100 %. Since 2012, and the beginning of this Kalenji process, 20 millions of plastic bottles have been recycled thanks to this tee-shirt. In Villeneuve d’Ascq, the teams of Kalenji have managed this process of eco-conception, and they have copied it to make some of the other Kalenji products. The tee-shirt run dry is made of 100 % of recycled polyester. Thibault De Maillard, sustainable development leader at Kalenji, says: “ We have improved our material (to breathe more easily, to be softer) while reducing our carbon footprint… Each product represents 5 recycled 1,5-liter water bottles. It is easy to see that is it worse it technically, ecologically, economically…

In the same sustainable spirit, the Kalenji teams develop products more and more sustainable for the environment but also considering the length of their use. The shoe run confort for women has been created with a special cushion.  “This shoe has been tested with machines to test the way it ages says ThibaultThe impact test on the sole has been made 240 000 times. This test allows us to guarantee the sustainability of the comfort of the shoe for 1 000 kilometers”. It is great for sport and great for our green goals.

July 2020


Kalenji, the Decathlon jogging brand will support any jogging lover while practisin jogging at a comfortable pace and help them to disconnect .